We make it easy for your customers to book an appointment online.

Your customers want to book online, but you’re a small business and booking software is expensive, right? Nope! 

Get Bookd is built for small businesses, has no implementation costs and packages start from under £1/day with absolutely no contracts!

Your customers are digital, so why aren't you? You'll get...

More bookings

31% of consumers are more likely to book with a new service provider if they offer online booking.

Less cancellations

Take deposit payments online through a secure payment gateway and watch those cancellations plummet!

Your time back

Stop spending your evenings and weekends filling out appointments and working out revenue - our dashboard does all of that!

24/7 Booking Availability

Gone are the days of "I'll get back to you when I have my diary", full real-time availability is included in all of our plans.

You've seen the benefits, now the features!

  • We're 100% Cloud Based
    You can access GetBookd from anywhere, at any time to either manage your appointments or view the financial reports!
  • Secure Payment Gateway
    We use Stripe to process our payments which go straight to you, no middle-man! Whether you take full payment up-front or just a deposit, you've got full control.
  • We're GDPR & PCI Compliant
    You don't need to worry about the boring legal stuff - we've got you covered. Our technology is both compliant from both a data storage perspective and payment processing perspective.
  • Automated Finance Reports
    Fed up of trying to work out how much you made this week? Or who was the most productive? We've got you covered. We offer extensive financial report and an at-a-glance dashboard for quick viewing.
  • Accurately Capture Customer Data
    Our software helps you accurately capture quality customer data and use it however you deem fit. Want to run an e-mail campaign to boost gift voucher sales? Bash on. No hassle, just revenue.
  • Automated Reminders
    Fed up of the "sorry I totally forgot!" text? So were we. That's why we built in automated reminders for customer appointments so you can nip those cancellations & drop outs in the bud.

On average, our customers experienced

More bookings
Less cancellations
Hours saved a month

You're probably wondering...

Nope – you’re free to cancel any time at any point. We’re so confident in the ability of Bookd that we don’t need a contract to keep you as a customer!

No, you don’t need a website already. With all packages if you don’t have a domain, we’ll set you up on “yourbusiness.getbookd.online” and link it to your social media!

There’s not a single additional cost. We’re here for small businesses and as such we like to keep it as easy as possible because we know how stressful it is keeping a small business going. We’re here to help, not hinder!

If you don’t like it (you’ll love it!) you’re free to leave at any point, no strings attached. We’re absolutely positive that Bookd will revolutionise the way you do business and help you grow, if that’s not the case though you’re free to go.

Simple pricing, with no contracts!










Still not sure? Get a demo bookd.

Our team are on hand to walk you through the system and show how it would fit for your. business, no pushy sales tactics – just facts. In fact, you’ll use Bookd to book the demo!

Who are we?

GetBookd is a small software business based across Scotland, formed as a response to the need for online booking software during COVID-19. 

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